News Response #1

The news source I’ve decided to follow up is CNN. More specifically, CNN China under the CNN World Channel in My reasons for choosing this source is multiple: firstly, I’m a Chinese international student, so I’m directly influenced by the US-China policies, which is exactly the contents this channel posts; secondly, the current US-China relationship is extremely unstable because of the trade war, so I would like to get to know more about it from the US position, while I could get information from the Chinese perspective; last but not least, I would like to learn the first-class critical writing generated by the CNN writers, and practice on my own.

This article focuses on the current negotiation between US and China on the bilateral trade war problems. It quotes President Trump’s Twitter about the negotiation and discusses the potential result of it. As the result remain unknown, the trade war between two countries are hurting both sides’ economy from my own perspective. The most interesting point inside of this article, however, is the Twitter—President Trump’s new invention of “Twitter Politics”. Trump creates his own self media, so that he could post his thoughts freely without any others’ opinions. And the way how Twitter works—people could comment, share or like a post—makes this new form of media participatory, and even interactive. I feel great for the people in the West could comment freely on social media platforms such as Twitter. As a matter of fact, the Chinese government censors a lot of comments that are bad for them on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

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